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Extra Virgin Olive Oils are not all the same. Blends and low prices are synonim of low quality, non-extra virgin oils added in.

  • Vitamin E?

    It simply, helps cells restore. Protects the body against skin problems, helps regulate sugar levels, helps reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and Altzheimer. The Arbosana variety is packed with it.

  • MUFA?

    Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids. They reduce the risk of heart attacks helping blood pressure stay low. Daily consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been shown to also reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, and colon cancer.

  • Extra Virgin?

    Absolutely! Arbosana #1 has an acidity index of 0.16%, that is as low as it gets. There is two ways of achieving that, one by blending varieties and additives, another, by caring about the process and not letting olives oxidize, as we do it at Dropp