About us

It is always about the food

I come from a country where everything is about food. Food brings us together, literally. In every reunion there is a bottle of olive oil to share on the table. Yes, in Spain olive oil is a must. We load our morning toast with olive oil and salt, tomato or even sugar, like my grandad used to do – he said it was good for an upset stomach. We use it as drizzle for our salads, as a dip for snacking, apply it to our nails before manicure or to our hair and skin after a day of sunbathing for a good nourishing. We use it for everything. Liquid gold is called by many. The healthiest fat on earth by others. To me it is simpler than that. It is just the base of a healthy and tasty diet. So I wonder, if it is such staple on the diet of the world´s healthiest populations why there is not a bottle of olive oil in every single table in the world? I have been asking myself this question since I moved to London more than 12 years ago. For many years I struggled to find olive oil. Not to say good quality extra virgin olive oil. For those who don't yet know the difference, extra virgin is the purest, tastiest and healthiest olive oil that you will find. The cold pressed olive juice, that's it.

Although there are many Olive oils on the supermarket shelf nowadays, I still struggle to find one as delicious as the one on my mum´s table. Here is why I decided that I was on mission. The mission to bring the taste of home to the UK, the mission to bring the world´s healthiest and tasties food to my friends’ homes, in a sustainable way, of course. Cos, why would we want liquid gold if we cannot share it?